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    When we make up our eyes we must bear in mind that it is not just about wearing mascara or eyeliner. Our eyebrows frame the look, having them well arranged is part of the key to the success of a successful makeup. The before and after of a make-up eyebrow creates addiction. You can use a brow mask, for example, to achieve the result you want.

    Before making up your eyebrows you should know how to carry them ideally. Your eyebrow should begin aligned with the outside of your nose. Many use the trick of aligning a pencil from the tip of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. This way you will get a vertical line that will define the point where your eyebrow should start.

    Your eyebrows must also end at the end of an imaginary line between the end of your nose and the end of your eye. With these two well defined points, you only have to fill in the space that the hair does not cover and you will achieve a well-made eyebrow.
    Danielle  Mansutti  - The power of a make-up eyebrow